Updates & corrections to Camino Francés (Village to Village Guide), 2017 edition

Please note that if you have a 2016 or older edition, all other updates are published within the current 2017 edition. 

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From the 2017 Edition

Chapter 2, Page 47

  • Corazón Puro Pensión in Gerendiain is closed indefinitely.

From the 2016 Edition

Chapter 8, page 108

Chapter 11, page 125, Monumento de los Caídos

  • The book incorrectly identifies the affiliation of those who were killed. It should read that the Monumento de los Caídos remembers those who opposed Franco from the Burgos area who were kidnapped, killed and their bodies dumped in this valley.

Chapter 18, page 174

  • New albergue in Reliegos
    • Vive Tu Camino (20 dorm beds €9, double €35): meals, wifi, washer, dryer, bicycle storage, 610-293-986, c/Real 56

Chapter 25, page 224

  • New albergue in Herrerías
    • Casa Lixa (30 beds, dorm €11/double €42-55): meals, wifi, washer, dryer, enclosed bike storage, bike wash, 608-528-715, c/Camino de Santiago 35, www.casalixa.com  Book Online

Chapter 26, page 235

  • New albergue in Triacastela
    • Albergue Lemos (12 dorm beds €9, single €35, double €40): kitchen, wifi, washer, dryer, closed area for bicycles, 677-117-238, Avenida de Castilla 24,  www.pensionalberguelemos.com  Book Online

Chapter 29, page 257

Chapter 31, Page 268-269

  • *The Pilgrim Office in Santiago de Compostela has a new location.* The new address is Rúa Carretas 33, just behind the Hostal Dos Reyes Católicos Parador Hotel.
    • Open hours: Summer (April 1- October 30) and on Easter: Monday to Sunday 8am-9pm; Winter (November 1 to March 30): Monday to Sunday 10am-7pm.
    • Closed on New Year’s, and Christmas (on these days the Compostela can be issued at the cathedral.)