Camino del Norte Day 10: Portugalete to Pobeña, 14 km

Today was another day with two possible routes, so Dave and I walked separately most of the day. The majority of the day was merely cloudy, but a few short showers managed to soak us. My route was basically entirely on a paved walking path next to a two-lane bike path. I was a little jealous of the speedy bikes whizzing past me. The scenery was an improvement over the industrial areas yesterday, but still not very inspiring especially with the grey weather.

We arrived to Pobeña around 11:30. We are back on the coast and walked along a nice wild-looking beach. The albergue didn’t open until 3pm, so we went to a café to warm up and use wifi to catch up with what’s going on outside of northern Spain. After several very short days along paved roads, we are looking forward to getting back to more rural areas and putting in some longer days.

The weather is clearing up and we are hoping for sunny skies tomorrow morning as we walk a dirt path along the coast.