Camino del Norte Day 23: Llanes to Piñeres

I am finally feeling better today and was able to keep down my soup from last night. We woke up to another dreary day and the forecast looked like a lot of rain. We slept in a little and lingered over breakfast before setting out on the trail around 9am. We had some beautiful dirt tracks with views of the rugged sea and determined surfers out practicing in spite of the weather.

The weather varied a lot, with some perfectly sunny sections with blue skies and others under dark and stormy clouds. We weren’t sure how far we would make it today since I’m still recovering. The normal stage is Llanes to Ribasello, about 33 km. We ended up stopping at Piñera, at about 20km. There’s a sweet little albergue here called La Llosa del Cosme. The owner is super nice. We’re in a little cabin with two Dutch ladies. There is a little garden outside and a big green lawn. The owner did our laundry for us and we even have a kitchen. I backtracked about 2km to the last town to get some groceries to make a good dinner (we originally went by the grocery stores during the dreaded siesta hours when they were all closed…)

The forecast looks clear for the next few days so we hope to do some bigger days and get back on schedule.