Camino del Norte Day 22: Pendueles to Llanes

Rest Day. This morning we slept in in our luxurious room while the rain poured down outside, then lingered over our breakfast.  Around 11 we caught the train to Llanes and checked into Albergue La Estación. Our American friends we met back in Irún had bused ahead and met us there. It was fun to be reunited and catch up. As soon as we got into our room, I unfurled my sleeping bag and fell right to sleep for about four hours.

I woke up in time to eat a dinner of chicken noodle soup and to explore Llanes. The weather was not conducive to pictures, but there are a lot of interesting sites. Down by the marina, the huge cement blocks used to fill the breakwater are painted in all kinds of bright and cheery designs, a work of art called Los Cubos de la Memoria.  There are many historic houses built by Indianos, a term for Spaniards who made their fortune in the New World and returned to Spain.

I was afraid that after sleeping all afternoon, I might not be able to sleep at night, but I needn’t have feared. We all slept well in our quiet room, with no snorers or bag rustlers.