Camino del Norte Day 33: Luarca to A Caridad

In spite of having a private room last night, we both woke up rather exhausted. As a weekend night, the café below us seemed to be having a rollicking party until the wee hours. Our bed was somewhat hammock shaped, which was uncomfortable on our sore backs and shoulders. We allowed ourselves the chance to sleep in, and even had a leisurely breakfast at a lovely pastry shop with huge delicious cups of coffee and speedy wifi.

The view down to the port leaving Luarca was superb, and we had a nice walk on smaller side roads and dirt paths. We thought about stopping half-way in Piñera, which has a former school renovated as an albergue. However, when we arrived to the albergue, there was a note saying to go back 1km to get the keys! Also, since it is Sunday, the local shop is closed so we would have to order meals from a local family, which might have been nice, but since it was still early we decided to press on to A Caridad.

We cross over the River Navia in the town of Navia and briefly considered getting a private room, since Dave was not feeling very well, but we continued on, arriving to the next albergue around 6pm. The older guidebooks that we have note that the A Caridad albergue is very wet and moldy, but there is currently a new albergue in the town just before A Caridad that is being used while the A Caridad albergue is being renovated.

The new place (in Árboces, 1km before A Caridad) was quite nice, with 32 beds and only about 10 of us staying there. We took rejuvenating hot showers and walked into town to have hamburgers for dinner. We caught up with Zak, our American friend, and some Spanish young people we had seen before.