Camino del Norte Day 34: La Caridad to Tapia

Dave and I had a slow morning today, mostly because we have found a friend who is carrying an electric razor, so Dave took the opportunity to borrow it and give himself a haircut. We had a very easy walking day today, after our long day yesterday, as we really need to catch up on work. The weather was very pleasant and the path went through undulating farmland with some views of the sea in the distance.

We arrived in Tapia in the afternoon to find the albergue is right along the sea with a marvelous view! Our German and French friends that we have seen almost every day were there already. The weather was extremely cold and windy, and we were surprisingly tired so we laid down and took a nap. Tapia is a lovely port town with some nice restaurants down by the port. We enjoyed a cozy evening in the albergue, with the wind and cold raging outside, chatting with our fellow pilgrims and drinking hot tea and red wine. There were only about 10 of us in the albergue with 30 beds.