Camino del Norte Day 21: Colombres to Pendueles/Llanes

After my rough night, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to walk today. We slept in a while and went to a café to think about our options. I decided to try to walk and explore some of the closer accommodations options. Leaving Colombres we had to walk along a highway with truck after truck speeding by us. Finally in Buelnes we were able to get off the highway and onto the scenic GR E-9 path out on the cliffs above the ocean. This was one of the most scenic paths yet and we had amazing sunny weather.

I was still feeling weak and nauseous, so was happy to see a sign advertising rooms in a local café for €25. I figured a cheap room above a café might be pretty crappy, but would at least give me a place to lie down and recuperate. So I was very pleasantly surprised when we arrived to the room and it was a beautiful spotless room with a large luxurious private bathroom.

Dave dropped his pack and went back onto the trail to continue walking to Llanes in order to get the GPS data, while I took a hot shower and collapsed into bed. I was feeling so much better that I even ordered a dinner in the café below (they offer a delicious two-course meal with dessert for €7). The dinner was so tasty and I was so hungry from my two days of not really eating that I started off with too much too fast. Shorly after, my food made a reappearance. L  Clearly my illness is not over yet!

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  1. Terry B
    Terry B says:

    So pleased that you are enjoying the Norte. Do you have more details of the Cafe / accomodation in Pendueles? We are planning on going that way again next spring and it sounds good.
    By the way – the hospitaleros in San Vicente are rather ‘strange’! I stayed there in 2009 and did not really enjoy it. The hospitalero was shaking his box under peoples noses shouting “Donativo, Donativo!” I would have left one anyway, but the attitudeseemed very demanding and off-putting.
    Enjoy Santiago!

  2. Anna Dintaman
    Anna Dintaman says:

    Hi there!

    The place in Pendueles is called Bar Castiellu, phone number 985 41 13 90. They have a good menú for €7 and do your laundry for free, really wonderful place!

    We’re two days away from Santiago and looking forward to arriving! Many thanks!

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